Past Tournament Information


July 11-13 @ Pony Field and Hyde Stadium in Pierre, South Dakota

·         1 dozen game-balls per team for entry fee

·         7-inning games

·         BBCOR or Wood bats only; 10 after 5 run-rule; “Courtesy Runner” for catcher at any time

·         “Courtesy Runner” must be a player that is not in the current line-up.

·         2 hour time limit (no new inning after 2 hrs.)

·         Championship Tiebreakers –  1) Runs Allowed  2) Runs scored  3) Coin Flip

Pool A                                                                                   Pool B

Pierre – White                                                                  Pierre - Gray

Renner 307 (Black)                                                          Sioux Falls – West

Sioux Falls – East                                                             Winner

Rapid City 1                                                                     Rapid City 2




Friday,  July 11 (home team listed last)

5:00pm RC 1 vs. Pierre White (Hyde Stadium)

7:30pm Winner vs. Pierre Gray (Hyde Stadium)

Saturday, July 12 (home team listed last)

9:00am RC 2 vs. Pierre Gray (Hyde Stadium)

9:00am SF West vs. Winner (Teener Field)

11:30am Renner vs. Pierre White (Hyde Stadium)

2:00pm SF East vs. RC 1 (Teener Field)

2:00pm Winner vs. RC 2 (Hyde Stadium)

5:00pm SF West vs. Pierre Gray (Hyde Stadium)

5:00pm RC 1 vs. Renner (Teener Field)

7:30pm SF East vs. Pierre White (Hyde Stadium)


Sunday, July 13 (home team listed last)

9:00am RC 2 vs. SF West (Hyde Stadium)

11:30am Renner vs. SF East (Hyde Stadium)

2:00pm Championship Game @ Hyde Stadium (top seed is home team)