Used Baseball Equipment for Nicaragua

Friday, February 7, 2014

Used Baseball Equipment for Nicaragua

Have you ever wondered if you could do some good with the old sports gear your child has grown out of or the gear from a sport your child has lost interest in?

Children all over the world are in need of sporting goods gear. While most of us have the means to buy a new pair of cleats, baseball glove, a new bat or new baseballs. A much larger number of children are playing with very poor quality gear or no gear at all. 

In many parts of the world youth sports is a luxury, not a form of recreation.
Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the western hemisphere only behind Haiti.  
Below is a picture of the typical living conditions.

Bill Ellwanger will have a table at the Post 8 Pancake feed to collect old baseball equipment as part of an equipment drive to send to Nicaragua. Join us at the Legion cabin starting at 7:00 am on Saturday February 15th and bring your old unwanted baseball equipment.

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