White Sox Tuesday and Wednesday report by Coach Goodman

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pierre White Sox lost two games to RC 22 Bullets on Tuesday 15-0 and 14-2.  White Sox also lost to Aberdeen on Wednesday 11-1 and 13-3.


Pitching in game 1 against post 22 was Jack Wollman.  This game was shortened to 3 innings by the 15 run rule.  The White Sox had only two hits with Hunter Jockheck and  Will Ellwanger getting singles.  

Pitching game 2 were Dustin VanHunnik (3 innings) and Slater Pauly (1 inning) in a 5 inning 10 run rule shortened game.  The White Sox had three total hits with Jockheck, Wollman and Josh Albright getting singles.


Against Aberdeen Reinke pitched five strong innings leaving the game trailing 3-1.  Albright finished the game (2 innings) for the White Sox. The White Sox were competitive in this game but gave up three runs in the sixth and 5 runs in the seventh.  The White Sox totaled seven hits in the game with Reinke with a double and one rbi and Treyton Kost also doubled.   Colby Wagoner, Ellwanger, Albright, Slater Pauly, and VanHunnik all singled hit for the White Sox.

In game two against Aberdeen five runs in both the third and fourth inning of the 10 run rule shortened five inning game.  Colby Wagoner pitched four innings and Stephen Rae pitched the final inning.  The White Sox had a total of six hits in the game with Reinke and Wollman with two each.  Reinke also had two rbi.  Jockheck and Pauly singled in the game. 


Season record for the White Sox is 2-14.

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