White Sox went to Winner on Saturday and won two by Coach Goodman

Monday, June 24, 2013

White Sox went to Winner on Saturday and won two games 9-2 and 25-15.  The White Sox record is now 2-10.


Pitching in game one were Hunter Jockheck (5 innings) and Dustin VanHunnik (2 innings).  Winner was limited to one hit and the White Sox totaled eight.  Leading hitters for the White Sox were Josh Albright with two hits including a double and two rbi with Colby Wagner, Dustin VanHunnik, Will Ellwanger, Max Reinke,  Jack Wollman and Austin Mammenga each with one hit.  Overall this was good performance for the White Sox and their first win of the year.  Pierre totaled eight hits for the game and Jockheck picked up the win.


Pitching in game two for the White Sox were Albright, Ellwanger and Reinke.  The White Sox fell behind 11 to 3 by the fourth inning and 15 to seven in the fifth but an 18 run sixth inning finished the deal for the White Sox.  Reinke pitched a scoreless sixth to finish the game.   Leading hitters for the White Sox were Jockheck with four, Reinke with three including three doubles, Stephen Rae with three hits, and Treyton Kost with two hits. Ellwanger had three rbi, and Wollman, Jockheck, Reinke, Rae and VanHunnik each had two rbi.  This was a classic Teener baseball game for those of you that follow Teener baseball coming from nearly losing by the 10 run rule to win by the 10 run rule in one inning. Anything can and does happen at this level.  Pierre totaled 16 hits in the game with Ellwanger getting the win.    

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