Sign-Up Sheet & announcers script

Hey All, time to sign up for Team Jobs for the Year 20            


Home Games                     Ticket Booth        50/50                    Announcer              Scoreboard            Book/Stats

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We will also need 3 parents to take turns keeping book/Stats at away games.




Ticket Booth is 30 Min before game until the end of the 4th Inning of the 2nd game. (end of the 7th Inning of a single 9 Inning game)
At the Ticket booth will be a list of season ticket holders. Any adult not on the season ticket holder list will need to be asked for the $5.00 admittance fee. All students and military personnel will get into the game free. 
At Kelley Field the ticket boot person will be asked to cover the stands during the 3rd Inning to collect entrance fees.

50/50 Drawing
is the 3rd, and 4th Inning of the 1st game. (Drawing to be held after the 6th Inning of the 1st game or 7th Inning of a 9 Inning Game)
The 50/50 bucket with tickets in it and prices on the side of it will be up in the crows nest. Please retrieve this bucket before the game and work the crowd to sell the tickets during the 3rd and 4th Innings. you may also solicit youth, 15 and older, in the stands to assist in ticket sales. Between the 4th and 5th Inning return the sales and bucket to the crows nest announcer. You may conduct the drawing in the crows nest at that time or ask the announcer if they will to do it for you. No 50/50 drawing will be conducted @ Kelley field until we are able to install a loud speaker system.

is both games. Primary job of the announcer is to enounce the starting line ups & reserves before thgame and announce each batter as they approach the plate for their at bat. Here is a suggested announcer script. You may also be asked to announce a foul ball sponsor after each foul ball as well as assist in music selections between innings and announce the 50/50 winner for the day. (if some one chooses to donate the 50/50 winning back, thank them, but please do not announce it during the game.) No announcer will be needed at Kelley field until we are able to install a loud speaker system.

Score Board
is both games. Sitting in the crows nest during a game before your assigned date to run the score board is an excellent opportunity to learn the operations of the score board. It's not difficult to run but having some one show you the 1st time is very helpful.No scoreboard operator will be needed at Kelley field until we are able to install a Score Board.

is both games. There will be either a paper book or electronic book in the crows nest to keep score on. a Book will have to be retrieved from Hyde for any games at Kelley field.

Between games of a double header, the coach and players will be busy preparing to play the 2nd game of the double header, so All Parents are asked to help with the Field Preparation between games of any double header.

All help provided by the parents is essential to the operation of Post 8 Baseball. Thank you to all the post 8 Parents!